One Second Left of the Microwave

There is a thing that’s happening at our office that might not be much of an issue for some, but I see it as a symptom of an underlying issue– that issue is selfishness.
As we’ve learned from the 5-year-old, bad guys are selfish and good guys are not selfish.

Now, you might think I sound a little or snippy, but I have good reason to make such a comment. Allow me to explain the situation. When the perp’s food is around three seconds from timing out, this person stops the microwave and, instead of clearing the timer, he or she leaves anywhere between one and three seconds on the clock. Now, this is an issue because the person coming to use the microwave next has to deal with clearing the timer before setting their own time. This might seem like it’s not too much of a problem, so I point back to the underlying issue.

When we are selfish in one area of our lives, it tends to crop up in more and more areas– and if it’s not managed, it will start to take over. This activity– or lack thereof– becomes someone leaving more and more time on the microwave which starts to look like actual clock time and wastes a lot of the next patron’s time who might punch buttons frustratedly for a few seconds until realizing he or she needs to clear the timer first.

Then it moves to not thinking it’s important to clean your dishes out or the sink or clean their food off the table. At a certain point, we each have to take responsibility for our own manners and take a few seconds to do the little things that make us invisible to those coming after us.

NOTE: The image at the top of this post was taken by me of the microwave in question, only a day or so after I wrote the post. I included it just to make my point!

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3 Responses to “One Second Left of the Microwave”

  1. colin says:

    I have no problem with the microwave timer thing. I wish people wouldn’t make a huge mess in the microwave and leave it. THAT is nasty.

    Also, I can’t even discuss the sink situation…

  2. Trent Armstrong says:


    The dirty microwave is an extension of the “One Second” syndrome. Selfishness says that if someone leave time on the clock, they won’t clean up after themselves either.

    … I’m just sayin’

  3. Rick says:

    Not that they go hand in hand (or maybe they do), but it seems to me that we live in a society that is extremely impatient. The fact that this person could not wait the three seconds and could not clear it shows that they have a me, me, me mentality about it. Now having said that this seems to me to be the perfect way to teach a lesson by being the person that when you pass the break room and see the timer left on, turn it off. Someone then may see you do this and follow suit. I know I am a bit of a pollyana but I tend to do this sort of thing with picking up dropped paper towels in the restroom (of course I use a clean towel to pick it up, but that seems like a steam of selfishness as well.)

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